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The Benefits

  • Non-invasive cosmetic procedure
  • Smooths wrinkles and erases fine lines
  • Non-invasive, with no downtime
  • FDA approved to treat frown lines and crows feet
  • Quick and easy service time
  • Long lasting, natural looking results
  • Look younger and more revitalised
  • Results starting within 24 to 72 hours after their injection
  • Enjoy anti-aging results for 3 to 5 months afterward. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual experiences will vary

The Process

One of the greatest things about Botox is the simplicity of the treatment. Most Botox treatments only take a short time to complete. Once the areas where the injections will be made have been carefully cleaned, the Botox can be injected into the area. The injections themselves produce only minimal discomfort.

Botox is incredibly safe to use around some of the most sensitive areas of the face. You can use Botox to address wrinkles and lines in a number of areas, including:

  • Crows feet
  • Frontalis muscle
  • Between the brows
  • Chin
  • Edges of the lips
  • Neck
  • Jaw (facial slimming)
  • Armpits (excessive sweating treatment)

The science

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