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The Benefits

  • EMSELLA is proven to treat incontinence by 95% 
  •  Strengthens your vaginal canal (just 30 mins of EMSELLA = 11,000 Kegels!) 
  •  Improve your intimate experiences and achieve more euphoric, faster climaxes 
  •  Men use EMSELLA to improve erectile dysfunction issues all in the comfort of our discreet, private rooms (it’ll be our little secret!) 
  •  Overall, men and women use EMSELLA to enhance their sexual abilities and experiences creating happier relationships and lives.

The Process

EMSELLA treatments should be twice a week for maximum effect. No undressing, no effort, and a 95% chance of improving your quality of life – what’s not to love? You’ll feel a tingling sensation as EMSELLA generates thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. Using intense, focused electromagnetic stimulation, we’re able to restore neuromuscular control without any post-treatment downtime.

The science

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