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The Benefits

  • Reduced cellulite
  • Improved skin texture
  •  25% more muscle
  • 30% fat reduction
  • Emtone treats all 5 causes of cellulite
  • Improves skin laxity
  • Radio-frequency (RF)
  • Targeted Pressure Energy (TPE)
  • Removes metabolic waste through lymphatic drainage
  • Generates new collagen and elastin fibres

The Process


EMTONE treatments should be once a week for maximum effect. On average, EMTONE delivers a 59% increase in collagen, a 64% hike in elastin and strengthens dermis by 44%. How? Well, it combines thermal and mechanical energy which essentially means all 5 factors that lead to cellulite are treated at the same time. We don’t just suppress the symptoms, we actually get to the root causes and resolve them.


EMSCULPT NEO treatments should be once a week for maximum effect. It’s super simple, just lay back and relax while we apply your life-changing, confidence-boosting treatment. Typically it takes around 30 minutes per treatment area so you’ll be up and out in no time. You can expect to feel a heated sensation which varies between intense and moderate as it stimulates muscle contractions. Some people find it quite therapeutic!

The science





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